About Us

UL testing facilities in Krefeld, Germany – your trusted partner for all testing needs!

Our UL lab in Krefeld is a leading international supplier for test specimen production as well as testing and certification of high performance materials. As an accredited testing facility we offer unrivalled capacities, short lead times and detailed technical expertise. As a customers you can take advantage of a unique set of all-inclusive services in our 5,000 square metre facility.

Engineering thermoplastics can be compounded on complete production lines in quantities up to 200 kilograms. Test specimens are produced on fully automated injection molding machines, with approximately a hundred different injection molds for virtually every testing procedure in accordance with ISO and UL standards. At UL our expertise spans over two hundred test methods for standard and high-performance materials destined for the most diverse applications.

Thanks to our longstanding experience in the plastics industry and continuous learning to enable us to keep abreast with the latest advances in all disciplines of science and technology, our customers profit from a rich reservoir of Know-how when it comes to testing, assessing and certifying plastics for a multitude of products.