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UL TTC makes sure the chemistry is right. For perfect plastics – e.g. for headlamps

Thanks to the UL Thermoplastics Testing Center, manufacturers of lenses for car headlamps are safe in the knowledge that their products comply with all quality requirements.

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UL TTC’s comprehensive testing and engineering services for the automotive industry

For the development and production of high-performing materials and components, it is important that the analysis and verification of the material properties be performed with testing capabilities that are quickly adaptable, scalable and, of course, reliable.


Comprehensive Services for the Automotive Industry


With its highly automated testing laboratories and comprehensive material databases, UL and UL TTC support automobile manufacturers and Tier suppliers, from product concept stage to early product development through to final part production approval process (PPAP) for an optimized time-to-market. This helps car manufacturers to reduce costs, improve product reliability and increase efficiency along the entire automotive supply chain by complementing or substituting internal testing capabilities.

As an accredited and independent testing center, UL TTC verifies material and product performance according to customer specific requirements, international test standards, as well as local and global regulations.






Examples of OEM Delivery Specifications
  • D45 1010 Polymer Materials and Parts
  • VW 50180 Emission Testing vehicle interior
  • DBL 5404 interior plastics components
Examples of OEM Standards
  • Renault PSA D 471431
  • Nissan JASO M 346
  • VW PV 3930
  • DBL 5555
Examples of International Standards
  • ISO 527
  • ASTM D256
  • DIN EN ISO 4892-2
  • UL 746 B


Testing according to Automotive Standards

Testing of Environmental Conditions
  • Ozone
  • Light Exposure and artifical Weathering
  • Climate Testing
  • Thermal Aging
Emission Testing
  • VOC (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Fogging
  • Odor
  • Headspace
  • Formaldehyde
Surface Testing
  • Scratch Hardness
  • Optical Measurements
  • Coulometric Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Laboratory Car Wash System
  • Stone Hammer Blow Test
Textile Testing
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Wearing and Pilling Behaviour
  • Soiling and Cleaning Behavior
  • Wear Characteristics of Flocking
  • Random Tumble Pilling Tester
Mechanical Testing
  • Tensile
  • Imapct
  • Hardnesss
  • Taber Abraisson
  • Ball Drop Test
  • Static and Permanent Elongation
  • Hardness of Steering Wheels
  • Permanent Deformation
Additional Testing
  • Burning Behavior
  • Media Resistance
  • Analytical
  • Elektrical
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