Environmental Influences

Interior and exterior automotive components are exposed to various environmental influences throughout their entire life cycle: from temperature fluctuations to UV weathering and moisture. In order to avoid negative effects on the durability, UL offers extensive tests to determine environmental influences on the respective components.

With standardized and customer-specific test procedures we are able to help you validate the long-term performance of automobile manufacturers using accelerated test methods. This ensures the quality of your components throughout the whole product life cycle.


In the overview below you find a selection of test procedures UL can perform.

Test methodDescription 
Ozone Aging Ozone Resistance 01 umwelt 01 ozonpruefschrank detail
Artificial Weathering Weather-Ometer, Xenotest, Suntest, UV-Test Weather-Ometer, Xenotest, Suntest, UV-Test
Climate Testing Climatic Change Test, constant climate Klimaprüfschränke
Heat Aging Accelerated ageing due to high temperatures Temperaturprüfschränke


Our test methods comply with most international standards and requirements of the Automobile OEMs.