Mechanical testing

UL is a well-known specialist for all kinds of mechanical tests especially on polymers.

With our global network of laboratories and experts, we provide mechanical tests according to standards of the automotive industry and other industries. This service can be used at every stage from development to production, from testing of the properties of the raw materials to the study of the properties of finished components.


In this overview you will find a selection of test procedures, which UL offers.

Test methodDescription 

Tensile Test

Test method to assess the behaviour of plastics when subjected to uniaxial tensile stress.

Tensile Strength

Impact Test 
(Izod, Charpy)

Test method to determine a material’s resistance to the ingress of solid bodies

Impact (Izod, Charpy, Ball Drop Test)
Hardness Test


Hardness Tests

Ball Drop Test

Test method to determine the penetration resistance and flexibility of coatings


Static and Permanent Elongation

Testing of the static and permanent elongation of textiles, foils, synthetic leather and insulating materials

Messung der statischen und bleibenden Dehnung

Hardness of Steering Wheels

Assessment of material hardness of steering wheels

Härteprüfung an Lenkrädern

Permanent Deformation

Determination of the compression set and relaxation properties

Bleibende Verformung


Our test methods meet most international standards and requirements of the Automotive OEMs .