Surface Testing

In the perception of quality, surface properties in particular play an important role.

UL offers a wide range of destructive and non-destructive surface tests of standard test specimens as well as of components. The investigation of all relevant chemical and physical parameters of materials and their surfaces and coatings are at the center of attention.

In this overview you will find a selection of test procedures, which UL offers.

Test methodDescription 

Scratch Hardness

Writing Effect Testing, Cross Hatch Cut, „Erichsen Test“

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Optical Measurements

Reflected-Light Microscopy Image Recording

Optische Messungen
Coating Thickness Measurement

Measurement of thicknesses and electrical potentials

Testing Equipment

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Laboratory Car Wash

Simulation of stress caused by car washes

Testing Equipment

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Stone Hammer Blow Test

Examination of impacts caused by small bodies of low mass hitting the specimen at high speed

Testing Equipment
Multi Grit Tester 508 VDA

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Our test methods meet most international standards and requirements of the Automotive OEMs.