Textile testing

Textiles in cars are often made of synthetic fibers or are coated with plastic.

Many physical test methods are also applicable for textiles. UL offers textile testing according to the automotive testing standards for initial inspection and quality assurance.


Below is a selection of test procedures, offered at UL.

Test methodDescription 

Abrasion Resistance

Crockmeter dry and wet rubbing

04 textil 01 crockmeter detail

Abrasion and Pilling Properties

Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester

04 textil 02 martindale detail

Soiling and Cleaning Behavior

Wear Resistance “Schopper” Tester 04 textil 03 schopper scheuer detail

Wear Characteristics
of Flocking

Finger Nail Test

04 textil 04 abriebpruefung apg1000 detail

Pilling and Fuzzing Characteristics

Surface changes due to pilling

04 textil 05 random tumble detail


Our test methods meet most international standards and requirements of the Automotive OEMs.