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A world without electricity has become unimaginable. Plastics provide endless possibilities for manufacturing reliable electronic components as well as safe electrical products for industry and end users.

Tests to determine the mechanical, physical and electrical characteristics ensure that plastics are safe to use in electrical equipment. UL collaborates extensively with the electrical and electronics industry from the outset in connection with the testing and certification of plastic materials and products.

Numerous UL standards for end product applications are based on the following test standards for plastic parts:

UL 94: Tests for Flammability of Plastic Materials for Parts in Devices and Appliances
UL 746A: Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations
UL 746B: Polymeric Materials – Long Term Property Evaluations
UL 746C: Polymeric Materials – Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations

These UL standards also take account of many other standards such as ISO, IEC, ASTM etc.


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Required properties according UL 746C

These requirements do not cover the specific insulating systems that are covered by the requirements contained in the standard “Systems of Insulating Materials – General”, UL 1446.

 Figurative Examples (FE)

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PropertiesFE 01FE 02FE 03FE 05FE 06FE 07FE 08
UL 94-HB / -V / -5V / -VTM / -HBF
Volume resistivity and Dielectric strength
Comparative tracking index (CTI)
Inclined-Plane Tracking (IPT)
Dimensional Change after
water exposure (23°C)
Heat deflection temperature under load / Vicat softening point / Ball pressure temperature
Resistance to Creep
(evaluated in the specific application)
High current arc resistance to ignition (HAI)
Hot wire ignition (HWI)
Tensile or flexural strength; tensile, Izod,
or Charpy impact (judged in the application)
Relative thermal index (RTI)


A “figurative example” (FE) is a schematic design feature of the end product. This design feature must comply with the minimum required properties for the material which is used. The required material properties are summarized in a list of up to 11 test methods.


What Requirements are relevant to your product?

UL 746AUL 746BUL 746CUL 94
Appliances Fans 507
Heaters 499
Cooking Appliances 1026
Food Preparation Household Machines 982
Vacuum / Blower Cleaners 982
Pumps 778
Tools, Handheld, Portable 60745-1
Washing Machines Household 2157 / 2158
Consumer Audio / Video Equipment 6500
Audio / Video Equipment 60065
Amusement and Gaming Machines 22
Information Technology Equipment 60950-1
ITE Power Supplies 60950-2
Industrial Control Industrial Control Equipment 508
Power Conversion Equipment 508C
Programmable Controllers 61131-2
Switches Industrial Control 60947-1
Industrial Control Panels 508A
Power Distribution Power Units 1310
Connectors 1977
Terminal Blocks 1059
w, Uninterruptible 1778
Wire Connectors 486A-C
Attachment Plugs 498
Components Temperature Regulating Equipment 873, 60730-1
Overheating Protection for Motors 2111
Switches, Appliances 61058-1
Switches, Special-Use 1054
Controls 60730-1
Motors / Rotating Electrical Machines 1004-1
Lighting LEDs 875
Luminaires 1598
Medical Medical Equipment 60601-1
Laboratory Equipment 61010-1

Extract of UL tests & standards for different E&E products. Please contact your UL Representative to discuss the details of your specific application.