Electric ignition source GWIT

Glow Wire Ignition Temperature

This method is used to determine the glow wire ignition temperature of a test specimen by means of a glow wire loop.

GWITGlow Wire Ignition Temperature
Test setup Test setup


48h / 23°C / 50 % rel. relative humidity


Test temperature in °C 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 850 900 960
Exposure time 30 s
The GWIT is 25 K (or 30 K) higher than the maximum test temperature according to this standardized method at which a tested material
  • Does not ignite
  • Ignites but where, in the event of sustained combustion with a flame, each incidence of ignition is sustained for a maximum of 5 s and the test specimen is not completely burned

Test method: Electrical ignition source Test method: Electrical ignition source