Bending test

This test method enables the strength and dimensional change properties of plastics to be determined when subjected to three-point loading.

Three-point loading produces tensile, compressive and shear stresses in the test specimen. The elasticity modulus (E modulus) serves as a parameter for comparing different materials and is a measure of stiffness. The test is possible within a temperature range from –40°C to +230°C.

Results of the test method

Values for stress and strain such as:

  • Tensile modulus εf [MPa]
  • Flexural stress on conventional deflection (at 3.5% outer fibre strain) σfc [MPa] (3.5% flexural stress)
  • Flexural strength σfM [%]
  • Flexural strain at εfM [MPa]
  • Flexural stress at break σfB [%]
  • Flexural strain at break εfB [%]
  • Stress-strain curve