Tensile test

This test method is used to assess the behaviour of plastics when subjected to uniaxial tensile stress.

The advantage of the tensile test is that even ductile materials can be tested to complete break point. The elasticity modulus (E modulus) serves as a parameter for comparing different materials and is a measure of stiffness. The test is possible within a temperature range from –40°C to +230°C.

Results of the test method
Values for stress and strain such as:
  • Tensile modulus Et [MPa]
  • Tensile stress at yield σY [MPa]
  • Tensile strain at yield εY [%]
  • Tensile stress at break σB [MPa]
  • Tensile strain at break εB [%]
  • Nominal tensile strain at break εtB [%]
  • Stress-strain curve