Follow-Up Service

UL TTC offers a new service that is designed to speed up the thermoplastics testing process.

UL’s follow-up services make an important contribution towards ensuring the highest possible quality standards when awarding the UL test mark. To guarantee ongoing compliance with all the latest safety standards, not only does UL evaluate specimens of products in its laboratories, it also regularly visits locations where UL certified products are manufactured.

The testing process for plastic fire specimens is now simplified by a new, recently introduced service. Customers with QMFZ2 plastics can save valuable time by having their FUS fire test specimens injection-molded by our experts at the UL Thermoplastics Testing Center.

UL TTC’s injection molding service gives customers the option of sending their thermoplastic materials direct to the TTC in granular form. The fire test specimens needed for the FUS test are then injection-molded with the required geometry and thickness. This translates into economies of time and money because the customer’s own production line no longer has to be interrupted in order to make the specimens.

This new service facilitates a sustainable reduction in project processing times and shortens the time to market – two key aspects of customer satisfaction.