Rheological test methods

Our UL test facilities are offering the following rheological tests.

The reference standards used for each test method are listed in the right-hand table column.


Rheological test methodsStandards
Melt index
Melt mass flow rate (MFR)
Melt volume flow rate (MVR)
ISO 1133-1
ISO 1133-2
ASTM D1238
Melt index: Intrinsic melt mass flow rate (IMFR) ISO 1133
Melt index: Intrinsic melt volume flow rate (IMVR) ISO 1133
Melt viscosity ISO 11443
DIN 54811*
Solution viscosity (with/without film) ISO 1628-1/-4
ISO 1628-4
DIN 51562-3
Oscillatory shearing (rotational rheometer)
e.g. zero shear viscosity, frequency sweep, thermal stability
ISO 6721-10
ASTM D4440
Special rheological tests
Capillary and rotational rheometer

* Standard withdrawn