Automotive testing

These tests are used to assess changes to motor vehicle parts induced by weather events.

The methods are suitable for materials used on both the inside and the outside of a vehicle. The test set-up varies according to your individual requirements and specifications. As an alternative, UL TTC can also test for compliance with existing standards.

Customer specifications (examples)

Exterior applicationsInterior applications
Ford SAE J 2527 Citroën PSA D 471431
Honda factory standard FORD SAE J 2412
Rover RES.30.CF.005 Nissan JASO M 346
VW PV 3902 Opel GME 60292-2-X
VW PV 3930 Peugeot PSA D 471431
Yamaha JIS D 0205 Renault PSA D 471431
  Rover RES.30.A.A.101
  Saab Sts 3159
  VW PV 1303

Standards (examples)

Exterior applicationsInterior applications
DIN ISO 11341-1 DIN ISO 11341-2
DIN ISO 4892-2 method A DIN 75202
ISO 105 B04 DIN EN 50014
ASTM D 2565 ISO 105 B02
ASTM G 154 ISO 4892-2 method B
ASTM G 23 ASTM D 2565
ASTM G 26 ASTM G 154
ASTM D 4459 ASTM G 23
  ASTM G 26


All standards available on request.