Xenotest® High Energy

This method measures optical and mechanical changes induced by precisely simulated weather events.

Accelerated weathering tests with up to 180 W/m22 at 300 to 400 nm are just one of the many advantages of this test apparatus.


a03 09 02 xenotestSimulation of various climatic factors in the Xenotest® High Energy

Compared to natural tests, this method significantly reduces the time required to calculate the light aging/weathering stability of test specimens. All important climatic factors (radiation, heat, moisture, rain) can be simulated with this apparatus.


Radiation source Possible indicator properties
Xenon arc lamps, air-cooled Optical and/or
mechanical measurements


Test specimen Sample sheet
Basic dimensions Preferably 60 mm x 40 mm x d


Specimens with other dimensions can be tested subject to agreement.